10 Steps for Preparing Your Roof for Winter

With cooler temperatures and frequent rain, Perth winters can take a toll on roofs. If a roof isn’t properly maintained or prepared to handle the elements, it can weaken and fail.

In this guide to preparing your roof for winter, we’ll cover 10 steps to fortify your roof against the elements.


10 Steps for Preparing Your Roof For Winter

1. Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is one of the most important aspects of preparing your roof for winter.

Gutters direct water away from the foundation of your home and help prevent mould, leaks, foundation damage, flooding, siding damage, and more.

Here are steps on how to clean gutters:

  • Check for debris and remove any branches, twigs, or leaves
  • Make sure all hardware is in place
  • Make sure all parts of the gutter system are securely attached and in place
  • Ensure your gutters are not sagging
  • Check that there is no soil erosion around your house or foundation damage
  • Check for any damage, peeling paint, cracks, rust, or water spots

If you notice sagging gutters, damaged gutters, pooling water, or loose hardware, contact a licensed roofing professional to evaluate your gutter system.

Regular gutter maintenance and servicing performed by a professional can help protect your home and maximise the lifespan of your gutters.

We recommend having your gutter system serviced at least once or twice a year. The best times to perform gutter maintenance are right before the start of winter and just before summer.


2. Unblocking the Downpipe

Did you know residential properties in WA are legally required to ensure rainwater is controlled effectively?

Along with thoroughly cleaning gutters, you’ll want to make time for unblocking the downpipe.

For unblocking the downpipe, make sure they are completely free of any debris or blockages that could cause the gutter system to clog.

When the downpipes clog, water can back up, pool around the base of your home, and lead to foundation damage or flooding.

We install and service downpipes Perth homeowners can count on to direct water away from their houses.

If you need downpipe unblocking or downpipe replacing, our licensed roofing professionals can make sure water is effectively directed away from your home.

From damaged downpipes to new soakwell installations, we’ll ensure your setup is efficient and compliant with all local regulations.


3. Check Your Shingles

When you clean your gutters and downpipes, pay attention to the condition of your roof as well.

Are there cracks in the tiles, faded paint, water damage, or other signs of excess wear? If so, schedule a roof inspection right away.

We know roofs and when you hire us for roofing inspections or roof restoration services, we can:

  • Increase the longevity of your roof
  • Protect your home against damage, flooding, and mould
  • Help increase the value of your home.
  • Strengthen your roof and maximise its lifespan
  • Save money by reducing the risk of potential damage to your home

Pay attention to the condition of your roof.


4. Trim Branches and Trees

The shade of a tree on a hot summer day is wonderful. But it’s important to keep an eye on trees that are close to your house.

Branches that are too close to the house can damage the roof or scratch shingles in high winds.

Twice a year, we recommend having any branches that have grown too close to your home trimmed.


5. Examine Your Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is a layer of impermeable materials, usually galvanized metal or aluminium, that directs water away from roof joints, the roof intersection, valleys, and where the chimney meets the roof.

Roof flashing is crucial for avoiding leaks and water damage. Tough weather conditions, such as downpours or strong winds, can cause roof flashing to lift, corrode, or loosen.

To protect your roof against damage, consult a licensed roofing technician to inspect your roof flashing and replace any damaged components.


6. Check Roof Valleys

Roof valleys tend to collect dirt, sticks, and leaves. This build-up of debris can lead to unnecessary wear and tear or excess weight that can damage your roof.

Keeping your roof free of buildup will help maintain the integrity of your roof and prevent unnecessary strain.

Check for any gaps or cracks in the roof, especially around vents, chimneys, valleys, and skylights.


7. Check For Critters

When temperatures drop, animals look for cosy shelter, often in areas such as chimneys or damaged spots in your roof. Keep an eye out for bird nests, critters in your attic, or odd buzzing or scraping noises.

If you find cracks or holes in your roof, be sure they are repaired immediately. Take care to be sure no critters are currently using the hole as shelter before you proceed with repairs.


8. Inspect Your Attic

As part of your roof inspection, don’t forget the attic. Without proper insulation or ventilation, you’ll lose precious heat during the colder months and pay higher energy bills than necessary.


9. Check the Roof Edges

To protect your roof edges during inclement weather, check for any damage, leaking, rotting areas, dents, or holes.

If your roof edges are worn or damaged, consider scheduling a professional roofing inspection.

A licensed roofing professional can evaluate the edges and determine repairs that will ensure proper ventilation. A roofing technician can also see if roofing strips or a new cover are needed.


10. Schedule a Professional Roofing Inspection

Regular inspections and maintenance can help prolong the life of your roof and gutters and protect your home against damage

A professional roofing technician can identify problems early on and repair them before they become major, costly issues.

Whether you have a tile or tin roof, we can evaluate your roof and perform necessary repairs to make sure it can withstand harsh winter weather.

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Consider hiring a professional roofing contractor to assess the condition of your roof and make any necessary repairs.


Need Help Preparing Your Roof for Winter?

Your roof and gutter system protects your house against the elements and water damage.

At Roofing Quotes WA, we offer comprehensive roofing repairs and inspections to ensure your home is protected.

From gutter cleaning and servicing to roof restoration to downpipe installation Perth homeowners can rely on, our team of licensed roofing professionals is here to help.

We know how to keep your roof and gutters protected against the elements, no matter the time of year.

If you have questions on preparing your roof for winter, want to schedule a roof or gutter inspection, or need gutter replacement, contact our team at Roofing Quotes WA today.

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