Asbestos roof replacement

Re-roof asbestos to tin perth

Asbestos to Colorbond roofing

Asbestos was a widespread building material used up until the 1980s, often employed in roofing. However, these old asbestos roofs can be unsightly and a serious health hazard, not to mention reducing your home’s value.

Our expert re-roofing service allows you to replace asbestos with safe, attractive, and value-adding Colorbond steel, which is better and safer in every way.

Make asbestos roofing a problem of the past

Switching from asbestos to tin roofing with Colorbond steel provides several key benefits:

  • Safety: Removes the hazardous asbestos from your property, protecting you, your family, or your tenants.
  • Added value: A metal roof adds substantial value to your home, encouraging buyers to pay a premium.
  • Peace of mind: If you plan to make the property your forever home, a Colorbond steel roof ensures long-term quality.

Our asbestos roof removal and replacement

  1. Our fully qualified team handles the careful removal and disposal of asbestos material in accordance with government regulations.
  2. We install tin roofing over the existing structure, giving your roof a fresh look with your choice of colour.
  3. All our asbestos to metal re-roofing work is covered by our 10-year materials and 10-year workmanship warranties.


Why Roofing Quotes?

Throughout the entire roofing job, we prioritise keeping you informed every step of the way. We want to ensure you have complete peace of mind and from the initial phone call to the finish project.

Roofing finance options

We offer flexible financial solutions for roofing projects. Split your costs into affordable payments, ensuring your roof’s quality without straining your budget.

Let our licensed and experienced roofers take care of your asbestos roof removal and replacement, ensuring adherence to safety regulations and peace of mind for you and your family.

Frequently asked questions

Explore FAQs on replacing hazardous asbestos roofing with durable and attractive Colorbond steel for safety and enhanced home value.

How much does asbestos roof replacement cost?

Asbestos roof replacement costs can vary, depending on the type of specialised removal and disposal procedure needed. Size, design, and structural issues can further influence the price. Roofing Quotes provides expert solutions with interest-free finance options for asbestos-related projects.

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