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Roof tile replacement in Perth

Tile roofs have an undeniable classic elegance that many homeowners seem not to want to let go of – and we can’t blame them!

Vast options in styles, textures, and colours make tile roofs incredibly alluring and versatile. That’s why even contemporary homes use tile to match their property’s existing aesthetic.

For homeowners valuing tradition and modern advancements, today’s roofing tiles combine the best of both worlds: they are more durable and environmentally friendly than ever before.


Benefits of tile re-roofing

Choosing to replace your tile roof not only preserves the traditional charm of your house but also enhances its longevity and resilience.

What you can expect:

  • Boosted longevity: New tiles are designed to last, giving your roof a renewed lifespan.
  • Enhanced durability: Modern tile materials ensure that your roof remains sturdy and resistant to common roofing issues.
  • Maintained appeal: Re-roofing doesn’t mean compromising on your home’s aesthetic; it only accentuates it.
  • Natural sound insulation: One often overlooked advantage of tile roofs is their inherent sound insulation capabilities. The thick, dense nature of tiles helps in buffering out exterior noises, ensuring nearby sounds won’t disrupt your peace.


Why Roofing Quotes?

Throughout the entire roofing job, we prioritise keeping you informed every step of the way. We want to ensure you have complete peace of mind and from the initial phone call to the finish project.

Roofing finance options

We offer flexible financial solutions for roofing projects. Split your costs into affordable payments, ensuring your roof’s quality without straining your budget.

Frequently asked questions

Discover answers to homeowners’ most pressing questions about the enduring elegance and benefits of tile roof replacement.

Which paint products are suitable for my tile roof?

Dulux Acratex has a range of colours for both metal roofs and concrete tile roofs, including subtle greys, natural tones, and earthy hues. You can choose from a glossy or satin finish. Nutech paint is also a quality product manufactured from tough acrylic resins and fade-resistant pigments that are durable, flexible and resistant to ultraviolet sunlight.

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