Dulux Acratex

Using Dulux for roof restorations

We pride ourselves on using only the best materials for our roofing restorations and that’s why we trust Dulux Acratex. This premier coating system lets you restore your roof so it looks great and lasts for a long time.

Why choose Dulux Acratex for roof restoration?

  • Protection: Living up to its reputation, Dulux Acratex offers robust barrier protection, standing firm against the harsh weather conditions.
  • Visually appealing: With Acratex, you’ll enjoy a roof that  looks great today and will maintain its charm over many years to come.
  • Breathabale coating: The superior design ensures your roof can breathe, eliminating worries of trapped moisture, which can lead to significant issues down the line.
  • Personalisation: We understand every home has its unique charm. With Dulux Acratex, choose from an array of colours, finishes, and textures to complement your style.
  • Warranty guaranteed: We provide coatings backed by a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind with every project.

Dulux roof restoration colours

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