Become a RQ certified roofer

Great independent roofing business

You stay independent, keeping your own business name and making your own business decisions.

The difference is you’ll enjoy the benefits and support that will assist your business to grow, combined with a quality brand endorsement that makes you stand out from the pack.

We pride ourselves on partnering with the best in the business.

As a RQ member, you not only align with Roofing Quotes, you also join forces with a formidable network of like-minded independent tradespeople and business owners, each of whom exhibit the integrity, experience and knowledge for which RQ is renowned.

Take control of your business

Professional business image

Our signage, livery and uniforms can give you a professional business image without compromising your existing business name and identity.

Strong branding immediately identifies your business as a professional independent business, helping you stand out from the crowd.

Advanced online systems

Designed to make your business more profitable and easier to run.

Our industry leading contract, quoting and job management platform offers advanced features to help you run a more sophisticated operation and take advantage of the many functions that have been tailored specifically for our members and industry.

Join the best heads in the business

When you join the Roofing Quotes you open the door to making your already great business even better.

The RQ program has the tools and support that allows independent roofing businesses to achieve their goals, without compromising their independence.

Competitive rates

Roofing Quotes serves thousands of customers with expert roofing services every year.

Be part of the growth as a RQ member and serve our customers also. We do all the hard leg work, and you can do what you do best.

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