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Does your metal roof need a little TLC?

Metal is known for its durability, but even the strongest metal roof is susceptible to rust, corrosion, and fading paint—especially in coastal areas like Western Australia.

Our fully qualified tradespeople can restore your old roof to its original condition, enhancing its durability, giving it a fresh, modern appearance and avoid expensive future repairs or replacement.


Extending the life of your roof

Here’s how our experienced team provides a comprehensive metal roof restoration service that includes:

  • Preparation & repairs: Before we touch a spray gun, our team carries out minor preparation work to address any necessary repairs. We don’t just cover up the problems; we fix them.
  • Rust proofing: Once preparation is completed we apply a rust proof treatment and prima-bond.
  • Colour selection & repainting: Want to give your roof a modern twist? Select a colour, and we’ll apply it with precision, transforming the appearance of your roof.
  • Quality assurance: Our fully qualified tradespeople use only the best quality Dulux products, ensuring that the results are beautiful and built to last.

The result is a stronger, more resilient tin roof that can withstand the harsh Perth weather conditions, all while adding a contemporary look and feel to your property.

Why Roofing Quotes?

Throughout the entire roofing job, we prioritise keeping you informed every step of the way. We want to ensure you have complete peace of mind and from the initial phone call to the finish project.

Roofing finance options

We offer flexible financial solutions for roofing projects. Split your costs into affordable payments, ensuring your roof’s quality without straining your budget.

Warranty guarantee

Peace of mind comes standard with our services at Roofing Quotes.

All roof restorations are covered by our 10-year materials and 10-year workmanship warranties. You can trust in the quality of our work.

Are you ready to extend the life of your tin roof and add value to your home? Let us restore it for you.

Contact our friendly team and improve your roof’s overall appearance today.

Frequently asked questions

Does roof restoration add value to my home?

Yes. A restoration will typically increase the value of your home by 3%, the property’s kerb appeal and your buyer’s market.

Can roof restoration save my roof from further damage?

Yes, a roof restoration is considered roof maintenance and not only involves re-coating but all repairs such as repointing ridge capping, replacing broken or defective tiles, and replacing worn flashing and rusted valleys. This is always done prior to the restoration process. Once the repairs are done and the roof is prepared for restoration, there are three layers of protective coating applied, including a primal bond sealant and two thick coats of colour. When done right, no damage should be caused unless in the unfortunate event of a severe weather event.

How do I know if my roof can be restored?

Our consultants will advise you of whether or not your roof is suitable for restoration once inspected. Some roofs are beyond saving and will need to be replaced however most roofs can be restored back to their original condition. In some cases, we will recommend partial re-roofs or structural repairs as part of a restoration. The most important factor is that the roof is structurally sound.

How long do roof inspections usually take?

The precise duration will depend on the roof size and the general nature of the structure. Some roofs may have restricted access, which extends the needed inspection time. We allow our consultants up to 2 hours per consultation, including travel time. Usually, however, it takes about 60 minutes to complete a thorough assessment.

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